A self-updateable website allows your organization to update your website whenever the need arises. With a self-updateable website, you save time and money when updates are needed. We offer many ways to update your site without the need to be a programming expert.

Content Management Systems
Content management systems (CMS) are web-based programs that allow you to update your own website. A CMS website can be as simple as a blog or as advanced as an online store with customer forums. We can customize a CMS so you can update as much (or as little) as you’d like to on your website.

Wisconsin WordPress Sites

The number one web – CMS system in the world is WordPress.  See WisPress.com for more info.

Self-Updateable Scrolling Marquee
Attract visitors to the latest updates on your site by using the Self-Updateable Scrolling Marquee like the one on the right of this page. Using basic HTML, you can link visitors to the any page on your website. The Marquee is also a great place to mention news and events.

Self-Updateable News & Resources Pages
Add PDFs, links and HTML pages to your site using the Self-Updateable News & Resources page. This tool makes it easy to post press releases, newsletters, events and links. The Resources section of the Badger Healthcare Marketing website uses our self-updateable News & Resources tool.

Photo Gallery
Post photos to your website with a custom photo gallery. Photo galleries are popular with dentists and cosmetic surgeons to post “before” and “after” photos. Photos of your facilities, staff and events are also great photo gallery additions.

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