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Badger Healthcare Marketing, a division of OnYourMark, LLC, Specializes in Healthcare Website Design, Production, Programming, Hosting & Internet Marketing.Online Healthcare Communications Management

Doctor MeetingThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines healthcare communication as “the crafting and delivery of messages and strategies based on consumer research, to promote the health of individuals and communities.”   Effectively communicating with your patients, staff, community members and others is essential in the medical field.

It is also essential that agencies such as hospitals, health maintenance organizations, healthcare agencies, non-profit health care organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, health care insurance companies and the other healthcare related organizations provide up-to-date information at precisely the time it is looked for.

Problem: Many healthcare providers have little or no experience in online marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations.

Solution: Hire someone who can initiate, execute, implement and monitor your online marketing communication plans.

Badger Healthcare Marketing can help you do just that by making healthcare websites technically correct, graphically appealing, intuitively user-friendly… and easily updateable by you and your associates.   We work with you and your staff to integrate your traditional marketing strategies with today’s communication technologies to help you build strong customer relationships.

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Your healthcare website can work perfectly and look great, but if no one goes there it is just an expense.   That’s why we build in time, tools, features and techniques to ensure your site will be successful.
Do you know the three things to look for in a Healthcare Web Presence Provider?